Road to the Prague Ruzyně Airport - Václav Havel Airport

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The Václav Havel Airport (formerly Prague - Ruzyně Airport) is located on the northwest outskirts of Prague. The airport has four terminals, and it is the largest airport in the Czech Republic and one of the largest airports in Central and Eastern Europe. It was renamed from Prague - Ruzyně to Václav Havel Airport in October 2012.


Prague Ruzyně Airport - Václav Havel Airport address: Aviatická, 161 08 Prague 6, Czech Republic

GPS coordinates of the airport: 50.101791, 14.2609924

Airport website with detailed information: (Czech version of the website)

Road to airport:

Car/airport taxi

From the centre of Bratislava to the Prague Ruzyně Airport - Václav Havel Airport it takes about 4 hours by car (a break in the middle of the journey is also included, it is 350 kilometres on the motorway. We do not recommend any route other than on the highway, as you would travel up to 6-7 hours instead of 4 hours. For the journey, allow a reserve of time of about half an hour due to frequent traffic jams caused mainly by the reconstruction works of the motorway at many places. You can also book a taxi service specializing in the transport of passengers to the Ruzyně airport or from the airport back to Slovakia, so-called airport taxi.

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