Road to the Budapest Ferihegy Airport - Ferenc Liszt Airport

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The Ferenc Liszt International Airport Budapest (originally Budapest Liszt Ferenc Nemzetközi Repülőtér), formerly called Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, is the largest and most important airport in Hungary. It is located on the outskirts of Budapest.


Budapest Ferihegy Airport - Ferenc Liszt Airport address: Budapest, 1185 Hungary

GPS coordinates of the airport: 47.4384587, 19.2501071

Airport website with detailed information: (English version of the website)

Road to airport:

Car/airport taxi

From the centre of Bratislava to the Budapest Ferihegy Airport - Ferenc Liszt Airport it takes less than 3 hours to travel by car (this also includes a short break in the middle of the journey), it is 240 kilometres on the motorway. We do not recommend any route other than on the motorway, as you would travel an extra hour longer instead of 3 hours. When travelling, you should take into account a reserve of time of approximately half an hour due to possible traffic congestion caused mainly due to heavy traffic in the vicinity of Budapest. You can also order a taxi service specializing in passenger transport to the Ferihegy Airport - Ferenc Liszt Airport or from the airport back to Slovakia, so-called airport taxi.

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