How to book appropriate passenger transport

How to book appropriate passenger transport

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From time to time it is necessary to travel, whether for work, for family, fun or on holiday. If you follow our travel instructions (tips and tricks for booking transfer), planning your journey will be easy. Below you will find our tips on how to book appropriate passenger transport.


What to think about when planning a trip - preparing the transfer

Before you send an order to the transport company, you need to find answers to the following questions:

  • Is it regular or occasional transport? (for example, a transfer to a holiday flight to the Schwechat - Vienna airport, or a regular weekly transfer of employees to Vienna to their workplace)
  • How many people do you need to transfer? (this information is needed by the carrier to determine the appropriate vehicle - a limousine or an estate car, a microbus for larger groups - a van or rather a bus, e.g. for transport to a corporate event)
  • Where do you need to travel and from where? (this information is used to plan the best transfer route by the transport company)
  • When do you need to travel/to be picked up, when you need to be at the given place? (the transport company will advise you on the basis of their experience whether the time reserved for the journey is sufficient, e.g. to arrive at the Schwechat - Vienna airport in time to catch a flight, as it is recommended to be at the airport about 2 hours before departure; for intercontinental flights even up to about 3 hours)

What to ask from the carrier - what to look for when choosing a carrier, before booking transport

Finding a good transportation service provider will ensure that you have your journey provided in detail in advance and stress-free travel. Here are our tips on what to look for when choosing a carrier:

Communication with the carrier

The carrier chosen by you should provide multiple communication options, e.g. possibility to book transport by phone, email or online order via their website. Every time you place an order, you should automatically receive a confirmation of your registration, either by email or by phone - to make sure your transport order has been received and accepted. Nobody wants to miss their flight because of an undelivered email. During transport, it is always important to have a mobile dispatching number at your disposal, which will allow you to resolve any unexpected situations, changes during transport, and inform the carrier of any changes. An important service is also that the driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall at the airport with a sign with your name, that the driver sends you an email and SMS in advance with the details of where he will be waiting, that he helps you with the orientation at the airport. I tis important that communication is not just formal but radiates human approach and willingness to provide even more than 100% transport services.

Vehicle fleet

Premium and comfortable vehicles of the carrier are an important aspect of the overall satisfaction with transport. In general, it is always a good idea to choose a carrier whose vehicles are comfortable and at the same time to be able to choose from a larger vehicle fleet, whether limousines, estate cars (e.g. for transport from Schwechat - Vienna after a family holiday with many suitcases), a microbus or a large bus for larger groups (e.g. for transport to a corporate event). It is important that the carrier can provide for any of your transportation needs in the field of passenger transport thanks to the modern and extensive vehicle fleet.


Fees are an important aspect when choosing a service provider. Always be aware of what is included in the transport cost. A detailed and transparent transport pricelist should be included on the website of the transport company, so you can see in advance transparent prices and make sure it does not contain any hidden additional fees. For example, to see that you pay a pre-set amount for the airport taxi from Bratislava to the Schwechat - Vienna Airport, and if another person gets on the taxi on the outskirts of Bratislava, what the surcharge is, to be able to know the final price in advance.

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